Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who is that Chick After All?

Don’t be concerned about outward beauty that depends on fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes.  You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.   1 Peter 3:3-4 

                  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is that chick after all?  Do you remember when you were young and you would spend several hours in front of the mirror wetting and drying, flipping and curling, and wetting and drying your hair again and again?  Hot rollers were in during my time; I was blessed that I did not burn my ear off during that process.  As a matter of fact, I perfected that skill by placing a piece of toilet paper between my ear and my head so that my ear had a chance of survival. Those hot rollers would reach some hot temperatures. At the cost of causing some type of degree burn, it did not matter because I was determined to get the biggest 80’s hairstyle.

As a teenager, I saw myself as a playful, young, unstoppable, adventurous, outgoing, and gorgeous girl.  I did not question a thing about myself at all. Aside from trying to attain the 80’s hair style, I spent another few hours putting together the perfect outfit by accessorizing it with the perfect pair shoes and purse.  The outfit according to my standards was stunning, and I looked marvelous.  I was confident, and I was on a mission to get noticed by any guy that would notice me.  It did not matter who he was or what he believed in.  He just needed to notice me and when he did my mission was accomplished.    

Today, as a woman, it is incredible the stunts I have pulled to be accepted, to fit into a size I do not belong in, or to look like the model in the magazine. I have tried to fit into various social groups by conforming to their ways and by going against my inner being in order to belong. I have worn body suits that could have sent me to the emergency room. Are you kidding me? There have been times I think to myself as I have worn one of these body suits, if I get up from this seat right now; I might leave the bottom half of my body on that seat. I have been numb from those things. They are torturous! Of course, I am not getting back into my high school cheerleader uniform. I am a mom, and I am a woman now. My body has changed. I have kept clothes in my closet for the “someday” I will get into phase. These someday pieces have been in my closet so long that the elastic has worn out. No, nobody has worn them. They are just that old. Aside from them not being in fashion any longer, the musty smell will not go away no matter what Downy scent you buy. I have spent more money on clothing than I like to admit in order to be accepted or to fit in. The only acceptance I get at the end of the month is accepting the total on that statement. I have gone to extremes to try and change my appearance. I have tried every fad diet and every make-up regimen to try and to look like the perfect model in a magazine. If God wanted me to be a model, he would have sent the agency to my house breaking down doors in order to get me on that runway. I am still waiting; I suppose they have not been able to find me.

Why have I gone to this extreme?  It’s simple.  When I look in the mirror, I’m critical of myself.  I’m not happy with the size I must slip into, or should I say try to slip into.  I criticize everything about me.  My wrinkles are too noticeable. My eyes could have been a different color. My hair is changing color plus I don’t like that I have natural curly hair, so I pull out the straightener to straighten it out. I have seen smoke/steam coming out of my hair while using one of these straighteners. How is that natural?  Why can’t I accept who I am and enjoy who I am?   We have so many influences. Television and magazines play a large part in how we view ourselves.  We set our eyes on those magazines; and we tune into the television shows. We set for ourselves ridiculous goals we can’t attain and they leave us depleted and defeated.

Let’s turn off the television and skip the magazine in the grocery aisle.  Instead, let’s sit at the feet of Jesus.  He is our designer.  His fashion surpasses any runway from here to New York.  He is not interested in what we are wearing; He knows what we look like. He doesn’t make mistakes.  We are His masterpiece.  How many times have you seen yourself as a masterpiece?   A masterpiece is treasured.  Our designer loves us just the way we are.  No fashion, no hairstyle, or piece of jewelry can ever make us feel content.  Instead, His concern for us is not that we concern ourselves with our exterior but instead that we dress ourselves with a quiet and gentle spirit.  These two characteristics are so precious to God.  You want to be noticed.  Be noticed by our awesome God, and let Him fill you with the beauty that comes from within.  You won’t have to walk any runway or go to extremes to make an impression.  Instead, your spirit will impress those around you for His honor and His glory.      

Lord teach us to love who we are because you are our true designer and you do not make mistakes. Let out beauty come from within so that you are honored and glorified through our lives. 

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