Cynthia Salas has lived the truth that God turns even the hardest things in life for the good of his people. Her genuine and open approach to share from her heart encourages other women to seek Christ in their time of need and to find the freedom to live the abundant life Christ has to offer. Cynthia walks a restored life in Christ everyday taking steps to His eternal and intended purpose for her life.

                Cynthia’s purpose is to teach other women to build a relationship with Christ. Her genuine and open approach encourages other women to seek Christ in their time of need by:

  • Acknowledging disappoints in life so you can gain and give forgiveness.
  • Diminishing your negative thoughts and replacing them with God’s truth.
  • Reducing your poor self-image and embracing God’s true reflection of you.
  • Learning from your past mistakes and moving towards your promised future in Christ.
  • Turning your broken heart into a beating and serviceable heart.

                When Cynthia faced a divorce, the enemy was quick to ensnare her and cast her into the dark pit of despair. Entangled by the lies of her captor, she struggled with anxiety, depression, fear, worry, and self-image. In her state of desperate need, Cynthia turned to Christ. Together, she has overcome these dark and captive days; today Cynthia lives in victory.

                In addition, she has been teaching Bible study classes from her home. She provides opportunities for women to come together to discuss everyday issues and she teaches them to look to the Bible for answers. Although she candidly admits that she can still struggle with bouts of anxiety, depression, fear, and worry she knows she has been freed from her past. Now she has found strategies that she shares with others to keep the enemy from distracting her.

                Cynthia has recently felt called by God to share her experiences by boldly stepping out on His behalf by speaking and writing. She is currently a member of Compel Training and Next Step Speaker Services. In June 2013, she had an article published by Proverbs 31 Ministries in their Everyday Life section titled, “Too Much Drama for This Momma.”

                Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in early childhood. Her degree has proven valuable outside of a standard classroom; Cynthia’s skills in lesson planning have helped her put together various biblical concepts in creative and practical ways so that women can grasp the content. Currently, she is a high school commercial photography teacher, a real estate agent, and a photographer.

                Cynthia is a single mom from Edinburg, Texas. She has been blessed with two wonderful daughters. She praises God for the opportunity to be there for her daughters guiding them as they make their way in this world. Furthermore, Cynthia has a passion for photography and for crafting. Both bring her great joy and relaxation. If she’s not capturing a photo, she’s creating a keepsake with that very same photo. She believes that her passions are interwoven somehow with God’s ultimate plan for her life.              

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