Lessons Learned

Forgiveness is your freedom.

                In my opinion, forgiveness is one of the hardest concepts to grasp during a wound; however, I have discovered that forgiveness is essential to be free. I have learned that we have the misconception of what it means to forgive someone. Christ has taught me that to forgive an offender is a necessary step towards finding freedom during our hurt. Forgiveness is not for the offender but for me.

  • Replace revenge, hostility, and quarreling with acceptance, love, and peace.
  • Release your hurts and disappointments by gaining God’s perspective and forgiveness.
  • Repair destructive patterns by understanding God’s purpose on the Cross.

Mind Games: The enemy’s tool to destroy you.

                Our thoughts are powerful. They can influence and set the tone on any given day from the minute you rise in the morning. Negative thoughts are destructive and a tool the enemy uses to distract an individual. Without God’s insight regarding our thought patterns, we can easily spiral down a path of destruction.

  • Overcome negative thought patterns by replacing them with God’s truth.
  • Decrease your rambling thoughts by capturing them amid your chaos.
  • Stop identity theft by learning to defend yourself with God’s Word.

Distorted Images: Looking beyond the mirror.

                In my own discovery, I have concluded that I was born with a healthy image as God intended from the beginning. As a young girl, I dreamed of someday becoming a wife and a mother. I had no struggles in my ability to attain those dreams. However, life’s uncertainties and disappointments can distort this image. Through my experience, God has aligned me again to believe in the one He created and to progress forward with a healthy image.

  • Change your distorted image by accepting your uniqueness.
  • Do not strive to be perfect recognize you are a work in progress.
  • Look beyond the mirror by discovering your potential in Christ.

Your past is your story; your future is HIS story.

                Every past comes with a cost. Our past can truly identify us if we are not careful. God’s intention is never for us to live in our past but to learn from our past.  The lessons learned from our past have a great purpose. God can teach us from our past by identifying the mistakes made in it. The beautiful story about our past is that it no longer identifies us but instead gives us a greater purpose. Our past sets others free. Recognizing that truth, acknowledges God’s hand in your past, your present, and in your future. Your past is part of His story.

  • Change your past experiences into a promising future.
  • Embrace your past choices by progressing into God’s plan for your life.
  • Diminish past hurts by recognizing your part in God’s story.

Heart to heart conversations

                The heart is a complex and intricate organ in our body. It has the potential to end a life or to give life. Through my experience I discovered that my heart is a special organ that sustains life. The life I have been given through the saving of my Savior; Jesus Christ is indescribable. To think that God graciously gave his own Son for my sake is astounding. Every Christian carries the power of the Holy Spirit in our heart to share with the world. When a heart beats according to the saving grace of God, it is then that one recognizes a greater purpose in this life.

  • A broken heart is a teachable heart.
  • A scarred heart is a healing heart.
  • A surrendered heart is a serviceable heart with a great purpose.
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